Services for extraction of business intelligence from Big Data. We have expertise in Big Data consulting, implementation, data science, data warehouse modernization, real time streaming analytics and BI on Big Data.

Actionable Insights from Your Data

The proliferation of data from various sources elevates the importance of extracting actionable business insights from your data to help your business succeed. Putting your data to work can help uncover important ways to improve the user experience, increase sales, advance R&D and optimize operations. However, getting fast access to these insights can often be challenging without a scalable, high performance IT infrastructure to process large data sets. HeadSoft helps enterprises unlock critical business insights through our enterprise grade cloud platform.

With Big Data & High Performance Computing Solutions from HeadSoft , even the largest and most intensive IT workloads can be scaled up on-demand then scaled down between analysis cycles. The HeadSoft Managed Cloud platform is built on the latest hardware and software to significantly reduce the processing time for analytics applications. For sensitive data that must stay in the country, your data is protected within our Canadian data centers to meet regulatory compliance that you may face. HeadSoft also offers Professional Services to companies who need support in deploying big data solutions including data integration, data governance, data visualization and data structures.


  • On-demand high performance computing configurations
  • Enabling infrastructure technology for all big data applications
  • Extended service with HeadSoft Professional Services team


  • Reduced time to perform complex processing
  • Platform engineering for I/O and CPU intensive workloads
  • Total quality control via application layer Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Reduced Risk

  • Significant cost savings over Public Cloud solutions for high performance computing
  • Multiple layers of data security and privacy
  • Built-in IT Service Management (ITSM) processes
  • Predictable and flexible tailored cost models