HeadSoft specializes in delivering WordPress-as-a-Service to small and medium sized businesses. These organizations trust HeadSoft to build and manage their mission-critical WordPress properties so they are always available and always secure.

Key Benefits

  • Large traffic spikes handled seamlessly
  • Improved response times for end-users globally
  • Industry-leading Service Level Agreement
  • Global delivery platform
  • DevOps team with WordPress expertise
  • Code review for security and site performance
  • Load testing

Global WordPress Delivery Platform

HeadSoft‘s WordPress Platform is expertly engineered to meet the most demanding performance, availability and security standards. From our WordPress optimized enterprise cloud infrastructure in North America your web content is distributed to tens of thousands of caching servers in hundreds of data centers around the world. From these globally distributed cache servers, end users get your message faster and more reliably.

Comprehensive WordPress Support

Built around ITIL-best practices, our End-to-End WordPress Support delivers the responsive and comprehensive technical support for WordPress our customers need to succeed. Whether it’s pre-release performance and security testing, assisting with the intricacies of WordPress configuration, or tuning your code to work optimally with our integrated content delivery network, HeadSoft’s WordPress experts are always available to help your digital marketing and development teams get the most out of our WordPress-as-a-Service.

High-Performance Web Hosting

In today’s digital economy, businesses are moving faster than ever to capture market share and reach new customers. Building your brand by leveraging multiple digital channels improves the value and relevance of your business and is essential to meet the demands of the evolving consumer. The way your customer interacts with your website can be the cause of a good or bad brand experience with a long-lasting impact. Selecting the right enterprise web hosting partner that understands your goals and has the right experience is a critical decision for your organization.

HeadSoft knows what enterprises need to deploy successful web applications. That is, how to deliver secure, always-available and high-performance web experiences that integrate seamlessly into your enterprise IT environment. We partner with our customers to ensure risks are managed and all aspects of security, privacy and performance are engineered into each enterprise web hosting solution.

Breadth of Options

  • End-to-end enterprise web hosting solutions for various verticals, financial institutions and governments
  • Fully managed solutions using popular content management systems like WordPress, WIX and Joomla and other platforms
  • Wide range of web hosting deployment option across public, private and hybrid cloud based on customer use case and security requirements


  • Global scale and reach through multiple data centres in Canada, hyperscale public clouds using AWS, GCE, Azure and content delivery networks
  • Complete hosting stack engineered for low latency and fast page loads
  • Website and database optimization to ensure smooth peak load performance

Reduced Risk

  • Highly experienced in enterprises and complex deployments
  • White-glove operations support
  • End-to-end hosting with DevOps support
  • Global web application firewalls
  • Extensive security expertise